Warranty Regulations

1. Warranty period on all goods - 12 months from the date of sale, behind exception the following kinds of the goods: supply materials, keyboards,  joysticks and other game manipulators, coolers (except for Glacial Tech). Also exceptions can have place if the warranty period has been mentioned before by the sales manager. Cisco products and projector lamps have the warranty periods fixed by suppliers. Warranty period starting at the date indicated on invoice and counts till the moment of delivery of goods to a technical department.

2. Delivery of the defective goods and delivery back of replacement is paid by the buyer.

3. The defective goods should be accompanied by the list with the indication of dated invoices on by which it has been bought.

4. Replacement is carried out during 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods in the Technical Department. If for any reasons replacement is impossible, on to coordination with the buyer prolongation of term of replacement is made or transfer on the account of the buyer of the sum equal current market cost of the goods. Credit note will be 15 % less than current market price if more than 6 months past since the date of purchase . With a client negotiation the goods also can be replaced by equivalent goods or any other goods, taking into account the difference in price. The warranty period for the replacing product is continues from the purchase date of replaced product. The period of repairing for notebooks, projectors and digital cameras is 30 days.

5. The goods are not subject to an exchange and guarantee repair in the following cases:
- expiry of the term of a guarantee;
- warranty service is carried out by the service center of the manufacturer (thus the corresponding guarantee coupon is given);
- guarantee labels of suppliers are damaged or absent;
- breakage has taken place from for uses poor-quality or not corresponding to specifications supplies materials or data media (the refilled cartridges, diskettes or CD's with defective or doubtful manufacture).
presence of mechanical damages;
- damage as a result of non-observance of service regulations by the consumer, uses of a product not for designed purpose, changing product properties (overclocking of processors, overclocking of video cards, etc.);
- damage as a result of deliberate or erroneous actions of the consumer;
- damage owing to force majeure circumstances ( a fire, a lightning and etc.)
 - the damage caused by drop inside of a product of extraneous subjects, liquids, insects;
- at presence of traces of extraneous intervention;
- damage as a result of modification in a design of a product;
- damage as a result of transportation;
- damage caused by discrepancy to the State technical standards and to norms of having, telecommunication, cable networks.
6. The goods are given out only in that complete set in which it have entered to Technical Department.
- The following kinds of the goods are accepted only with presence of all accessories (a box, the documentation, wires, trains, a power unit, etc.): mainboards, modems, scanners, hubs and other complex network devices, any products of Micronet company. In case of any absence or accessories at an exchange surcharge is made, in dependences on absent accessories.

The given rules can be changed without preliminary notice.